White Label Support = More Time For What Matters

Hire myDropWizard as your support department. Spend more time creating awesome things.

Focus on your next deadline, and we'll take care of your previous clients!

As a Drupal shop, agency or freelancer you're focused on delivering the next site or major feature by the deadline.

When a previous client has a problem, needs support or there's an important security update to apply, it can really interrupt your flow.

Let us act as your support department and take care of your previous clients on your behalf!


You want them to ask you when they need a new website or feature built. If they haven't heard from you since you delivered the project (months ago) they'll be more likely to go elsewhere when they need something new. And it's easier and cheaper to get a new project from an old client, than chasing new clients!


Worried you might not close the next big project in time to make payroll or cover expenses? Support and maintenance plans can help fill the gap.


We all know that websites require constant care and attention. By NOT providing it, you're ensuring that your clients WILL have problems with security or bugs down the road.

How it works?

We act as your support and maintenance department.


We can setup an e-mail address like [email protected]YourDomain.com or special user in your ticket system (if your customers are used to interacting with you in this way) that goes to us.


When a request comes in, we'll determine if it's in scope for the support plan the customer has and the services we provide on that plan. If so, we take care of it and let the client know!


If they're asking for something out of scope, like new functionality they want added to their site, we'll forward that to you so that you can start a new (mini-)project with the client to implement that functionality!


If you have a particular development or deployment workflow, we're happy to follow it, so that our work doesn't conflict with the project work that your team is doing for the same client.

For more detailed information about how we do what we do, see the main "How it works?" section which is written for our direct customers, but all that information applies to how we'd work with your clients as well!


How much does it cost?

We bill you the same rates for our support plans as we do for our direct customers, and then you can bill your customer whatever you think is fair.

This means you could add a markup to account for establishing and maintaining the relationship with the client, or bundle additional services (like "continuous development") on top of our support and maintenance plans, and present it to the client as a single package.

Or, since we're saving you money by doing tasks that would otherwise need to be done by your developers (at a much higher cost) you could split the cost of the plan with your client. This is as much a service for you as it is for them. :-)

It's up to you!

How do I know you won't steal my clients?

We do only support and maintenance - we don't build new sites or implement new features.

We'll happily sign a non-compete agreement with you that specifically says we won't do project work for your client, and instead funnel anything that comes up back to you.

Send us your WORST Drupal client!

by David Snopek on April 26, 2016 - 10:44am

Struggling to make your next deadline, when a problem client needs you to drop everything to give them support?

We've all been there! :-)

When building a new website or feature for a client, it's stressful enough trying meet your deadlines, but it's even more frustrating when you lose a few hours you thought you had, in order to address an unexpected issue for a previous client.

Wouldn't it be great if you had a "Support and Maintenance Department" that could help your previous clients while you focus on delivering the next big project?

Consider hiring myDropWizard to act as your white-label Support Department!

If you're not selling support and maintenance plans to your clients, YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG!

by David Snopek on July 25, 2016 - 12:02pm

Just finished a big project for client? Awesome!

Did you selling them a support and maintenance plan for their new site?

No? Well, I'm sorry to tell you: YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG!

But you wouldn't be the only one!

The vast majority of Drupal shops and freelancers build sites and move on without offering a support and maintenance plan, figuring if the client has any problems they can just bill them for it at their hourly rate.

However, you're missing out on several advantages - read more to find out what they are!