Our preferred method of payment is automatic, recurring credit card payment, which we accept via PayPal.

We'll provide you with a specific PayPal link for your plan and number of sites - all you need to do is visit that link, and either login to PayPal or click the "No PayPal account?" option to enter your credit card details. Your credit card information is provided securely to PayPal - we don't have access to it.

However, we also accept payment using other methods!

The most common alternative method is a recurring invoice that is e-mailed to you every month which you can pay individually via credit card, bank transfer, wire transfer or check.

We personally believe that the automatic recurring credit card payment is the most convenient and saves time and money for both parties: you don't have to manually pay your invoice each month (the amount is just deducted from your credit card), and we don't have to bug you if you pay your invoice late. :-)

That said, we're happy to try and accomidate whatever payment method works best for you and your organization!