We describe our services in the price grid here on the site, as well as in our maintenance and support agreement (which is the definitive source of information).

The goal of this page is to try and give more information than a couple bullet points (like we on the price grid) but a higher-level overview than what's in the legalese on the agreement.


We'll perform a FREE site audit for anyone who's considering signing up for a support and maintenance plan.

For any of our customers on any plan, we'll Perform an UNLIMITED number of critical maintenance tasks:

  • Help getting your site back online in the case of an outage
  • Remediation in the case your site is hacked
  • Updating Drupal core or any contributed module for a security update
  • Fixing issues that break 3 critical use cases

Also, depending on the plan that you choose, we may also:

  • Help migrate the site
  • Perform an UNLIMITED number of routine maintenance tasks
  • Answer any support question involving your Drupal site
  • Include a bucket of developer hours for supporting and maintaining your custom code

See the sections below for more information!

Critical Maintenance Tasks

  • Help getting your site back online in the case of an outage. However, we'll only fix problems in Drupal, not your server or other infrastructure. But we'll be happy to help you determine if it's a Drupal problem or not!
  • Remediation in the case your site is hacked. This includes attempting to fix the Drupal vulnerability the attacker used to get in, however, it only covers your custom code if you have a bucket of developer hours on your plan, and it definitely doesn't cover non-Drupal vulnerabilities or vulnerabilities in other sites on the same server. That said, we're happy to help you restore from backups regardless of how the site was hacked.
  • Updating Drupal core or any contributed module for a security update
  • Fixing any problem that's breaking one of the 3 critical use cases

Routine Maintenance Tasks


  • Changing site configuration
  • Updating Drupal core or a popular contrib module upon request
  • Debugging an error, problem or performance issue
  • Minor appearance changes to the theme

These must be changes to existing features and functionality of the site. It does not include creating new functionality.

As a rule of thumb, each task would take an expert Drupal developer with wizard skills less than 30 minutes.

This covers ONLY Drupal core and contrib module code - NOT custom code, unless your plan includes a bucket of developer hours.

Bucket of Developer Hours (for custom code)

While most of our services are available on an unlimited basis for a flat monthly fee (as opposed to being $X/hr), that only covers support and maintenance of Drupal core and contributed modules available on Drupal.org - NOT custom code that is unique to your site.

However, if you need support and maintenance for your custom code, you can add a Bucket of Developer Hours to your plan which we'll draw from if we need to test, debug or fix your custom code.

We highly recommend that any site with important custom code that doesn't have a Drupal developer on staff or via another relationship purchase at least a small bucket of developer hours.

Here's how it works:

  • You pick how many hours you want per month, for example: 5 hours (the default on the Enterprise plan). Each hour in the bucket costs $100/hr/mo (or $125/hr/mo for Drupal 6)
  • If we need to support or maintain custom code, we'll deduct the time from the bucket of hours, and take care of it for you!
  • If you run out of hours, you can either wait until next month, or pay $160/hr for hours beyond your bucket
  • Unused hours do not roll over to the next month
  • You can change the number of hours in the bucket at any time, but the changes don't take affect until your next billing month

Remember: the vast major of our services are UNLIMITED and don't draw from your Bucket of Developer Hours, only tasks involving your custom code!