In order to formalize the start of our new relationship, we need to sign a maintenance and support agreement!

To prepare the agreement, we'll need some information from you:

  • Official organization name
  • Entity type (ie. Corporation, LLC, etc and place of registration, for example: Delaware Corporation)
  • Address
  • Name of representative who will sign the contract, their title and e-mail

We'll integrate this information into the agreement and send it to your signing representative via DocuSign for electronic signature (we can CC: it to any additional e-mail address as well).

Here's an example of the agreement with generic information:

PDF icon drupal_website_maintenance_and_support_agreement.pdf

NOTE: This is an example only. We try to keep it up-to-date, but we make periodic changes to the agreement and may have forgotten. Please review the agreement we send you to sign - that's the real thing!

The highlights

The agreement itself is the definitive source of information on what's in the agreement, but here's a couple highlights in case you don't have time to dig in right now:

  • It's "month to month" meaning you can cancel at any time by e-mailing us 30 days before your next billing date
  • We handle only support and maintenance requests related to Drupal core and contrib - we don't assist with hosting, server or other issues
  • We don't do project work - only the specific support and maintenance services outlined in the plans in our agreement

Amendment A

The agreement includes "Amendment A" which is meant to include the 3 critical use cases for your site(s).

We may fill in and sign when signing the main agreement, or we may fill in and sign it seperately later, depending on the pace of the on-boarding process and customer needs.

For example, if it would take some discussion with site managers to gather the critical use cases but stakeholders want to begin service right away, then we'll sign the main agreement first and Amendment A later.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

If you'd like to sign a NDA, we're happy to do so! You can send us yours, or we can use our generic NDA.

However, even without an NDA, we're committed to keeping your all of your website data and credentials private and secure!