One of the first steps in getting your site (or sites) supported by myDropWizard is allowing us to perform a FREE site audit!

This is important to allow us to get to know your site, so we know what it'll take to support it. But it's also valuable for you even if you don't decide to work with usbecause afterwards we'll provide you with a report that describes pending maintenance tasks necessary to get your site squared away, which you could take care of yourself or bring to another vendor.

In order to perform the site audit, we'll need both:

  • A copy of the site code (ie. the Drupal directory), and
  • A dump of the site database

Alternatively, if you don't know how to get those things, you can instead give us:

  • Username/password for an admin account on the Drupal site, and
  • Username/password to access the site code (usually FTP, SFTP or GIT)

... and we'll pull down the code and database dumps ourselves!

We won't make any changes to your live site - except potentially installing the "Backup and migrate" module to make a database backup. We do the audit on a private copy of your site, so the live site won't be affected.

If you have any questions about the site audit process, please feel free to ask!

(If you'd like us to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before sending the files or credentials - that's fine! You can provide your own agreement or use a generic one that we have. Just let us know!)