by Elliot Christenson on August 1, 2016 - 5:04pm

I attended Drupal Camp WI at the University of Wisconsin-Madison this weekend.

There was a fantastic presentation called "Why Is Drupal So Hard?" by Joe Shindelar at

It got me thinking about myDropWizard, our clients, and what path people are taking at this current crossroad of Drupal 6 -> Drupal 7 -> Drupal 8 versus going a different path. Sometimes when you are too close to a question, you shouldn't be the one answering it. So, I'd like to ask "you," the world!

I'll share the results in a future blog post, and I'll share my thinking about what the results mean.

If you have any criticisms of the survey, please share those with me! I think this is just the first of a few surveys that we can do.

I hope this is fun, and I know it's not "scientific". However, I am hoping that it continues the discussion within the Drupal Community in regards to what we should do?

Without further ado: Here is the survey!

EDIT (2016-08-02): We replaced the SurveyMonkey survey with a Drupal Webform on our site. Sorry for the problems!

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The survey makes no sense. You can use every "grade" only once. Please fix it.

Thanks for letting us know! We've replaced the SurveyMonkey survey with a Drupal Webform here:

Sorry for the issues :-/

There is something wrong in the form: If I check a radio in a row, it will be unchecked when checking another radio in another row...

There's an issue with the setup of your survey...

It's not possible to select the same difficulty level for 2 different CMSes e.g. "Never used it" for squarespace and joomla!

We've replaced the survey:

Thanks to everyone who pointed out the issues with the last one!

I tried to took the survey but got stuck in a problem i.e. It is not allowing me to select same option for two different row. For e.g., I wanted to select `I had to learn, but it all made sense` for Drupal 7 & Drupal 8 but I cannot. Is it a bug or I am doing something wrong?


Hi Gaurav, we just replaced the SurveyMonkey survey with a Drupal Webform:

Sorry for the problems!

It's always good to ask the audience about easiness and obstacles they have.
But in your survey are two things I think you should change.
1. What means "complex"? For a beginner or intermediate or advanced it means complete different things. Maybe you can give some examples.
Or, I guess that might be better, you ask for the level of the users, too ("beginner", ...).

2. Your survey doesn't work right. I couldn't choose two peaces of programms at the same level. Two clicks in one column and the first will vanish.

Hi Arne,

Thanks for the feedback!

re #1: That's a great point! Since this is concerning multiple CMS's, I'm not sure we can ask for level (since a user could be a "beginner" in Wordpress, but "advanced" in Drupal), but I added a "Role" question to the survey which tries to get at the same sort of thing. What a "Developer" considers complex would be different than what a "Site manager" considers complex.

re #2: We've replaced the SurveyMonkey survey with a Drupal Webform: - Sorry for the issues!

You might be forcing people to provide bad data in your survey. For example, if I haven't used Squarespace or Joomla the survey does not allow me to state that I haven't used either. It only allows me to state I haven't used one of those products.

Hi Angelo, sorry for the issues! We've replaced the SurveyMonkey with a Drupal Webform that doesn't have this problem:

I cannot compare learning Drupal 7 to anything other than RapidWeaver and SharePoint. RW was easy, until I needed to start buying extra "features". SharePoint I learned on-the-job; very complex, but lots of time to learn, lots of training classes (SharePoint Saturdays - 2 or 3 a year within driving distance) and SP User group. I committed to D7 because of the Long Term Goals that needed Taxonomy. Word Press might have made more sense to learn given my part-time, no development background. I am now using Drush, but only on development site, no idea how to use it in my live CPanel site. Just installed my first patch; worked on the second attempt (why was it called calendar_pager when it related to date module? !) I am a member of a support site, but find they will answer the "3 minute problems" nothing that would require them to login to my live site with admin permission. Same is true with local Drupal Meetups - great people, very friendly, but only 1 person in 2 years has spend 30 minutes resolving a complex issue.

Thanks! I'm actually at DrupalCorn in Iowa - a Drupal Camp - and while nearly everyone is a volunteer, I've found everyone very able and willing to help out. I do believe we could all do a little better in onboarding new people, and everyone learns a little bit different, but I think most everyone subscribes to the theory of having you do as much as possible yourself so that you can learn a little better.

Thanks for the comment on the article. It's a great perspective. I don't know more about your patch issue, but inconsistencies like that bother many (all) of us, and they eventually get fixed. You could probably present that as an issue in, and - if there's a reason - someone will explain it - otherwise, maybe you can do the work to rename it.

I'm happy to help anyway I can.

I started using D6 and then have gone on to D7 and now D8. It's gotten easier every time because I was able to leverage what I already knew from the previous version. D8 was intuitive to me, but ONLY because of my experience with D7 and D6. If I had to pick it from scratch it would be much less so. That should be considered within your analysis.

That's an excellent point. I know that there is this balance between allowing for all of the current - and possible - power of Drupal in current and future versions, but the community is putting lots of effort into making things better. One of the issues I'm actually working at for the DrupalCorn Sprint is to make blocks a little bit better.

Open source gets better one sprint at a time. If you have recommendations - especially if they haven't been brought up by someone else - then by all means bring it up on!