by Elliot Christenson on July 4, 2019 - 3:30am

Every morning, our team meets, as so many development teams do, for a daily "standup". Since we all work remotely, at some point, we decided it would be a great idea to have "ice breakers" to get to know our far-flung teammates better. It's worked great, and I feel like I know my teammates like they are working across the room instead of across the planet!

It was during one of these sessions that my blogging writer's block came up, and Arturo mentioned that I should just explain "Why are We Called Wizards?". This was exactly the sort of inspiration that I was hoping for. I hadn't seen the forest for the trees, so to speak! We never really have explained why we have such a seemingly silly company name.

Maybe today I can show you how it's, perhaps not just appropriate - but maybe even perfect - to describe what it is that we try to do!

I've been a part of naming a few small companies over the years. It can be a very thoughtful process, very random - or somewhere in-between. No matter what, when the right name is struck, it feels serendiptious. That's how I felt when we first came across the name myDropWizard.

In modern times, obviously, you need to have a unique name - one that someone else doesn't use as a company name but also (obviously) doesn't have as an Internet domain name. As time goes on, this gets more and more difficult.

What's With the "my" Part?

In my opinion, all three parts of the name are equally important. The "my" isn't just a throw away prefix to have a unique domain name. Far from it. Our intention is for you to feel ownership over our service. We want you to really say "MY Drop Wizard" and feel it. We have "white label" clients as well as huge corporations and well-known universities. Especially when dealing with the imoprtant support issues that face your critical websites, the trust and ownership that our clients have to feel is essential. We don't forget that, and we remind ourselves every time we read or say our name. I hope you do too.

We work for you. We never forget that.

Drop not Drupal?

We do Drupal support and maintenance - you probably already know that much. We use the "Drop" moniker rather than "Drupal" for two reasons: first, Drupal is a trademark that would require permission that we don't have. Maybe we could have sought that permission, but the second reason is that really we now do anything Drupal related - including CiviCRM - support.

Now onto the fun part.

Seriously? Wizards?

This is my favorite part of the "branding" exercist, or "thought" exercise. I love being a Wizard. I love the name Wizard. I believe it so clearly represents what I and my colleagues try to do day in and day out.

Now, I'm not exactly sure how David stumbled onto the name, but he gets nearly all the credit. The fact of the matter is: David not only looks like a wizard, but he really is a wizard. As founder of the company, he has conveyed a clear company culture. Until today I never really thought about it in tangible "wizard" terms.

  • yes, we are "wizard fast" (most of the time!)
  • yes, we are "wizard capable"
  • More than anything, though, WIZARDS ARE WISE!

Over the years since the Drupal 6 End-of-Life, it has become increasingly clear that not just deep Drupal knowledge, but wide developement knowledge, and a timeless memory of past fixes is critical to keeping legacy websites running!

We have the Drupal wisdom to keep your wevsite running. This will continue - and perhaps intensify - with the looming Drupal 7 End-of-Life.

Drupal Forever

As long as we have clients that have long-term support needs, we will continue supporting Drupal 7 and Drupal 6. Nearly every single day I talk with people asking "Should I upgrade to Drupal 8 or should I stay with what I have?" My response is simple: if what you have is working for you:  KEEP USING IT. We will support it.

As mentioned before, you can expect our Drupal 6 LTS to last until (at least) February 24th, 2022!

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