by Elliot Christenson on September 13, 2016 - 7:00am

Drupal doesn't just exist on the internet - you can connect with real Drupal people out in the real world! This is a great way to learn, make friends, find customers and help give back to Drupal.

There's lots of types of events, which I'll talk about in this article, so can find your first Drupal event to attend. :-)

Meet Ups

A Drupal Meet Up is typically a local group of Drupal developers and enthusiasts. They typically coordinate and schedule meet up meetings using online scheduling tools or through social websites like Meetup or Facebook.

Drupal meet-ups typically have a single speaker session per meeting. Typically speakers come from the group itself or other knowledgeable speakers from the local community.

Finally, Drupal meet ups typically have no fees associated.

A great example of a Drupal meet-up is Drupal 414 which is co-run by myDropWizard founder David Snopek and Steve Klebar.

Drupal Camps

A Drupal Camp is a slightly more formal group of Drupal developers enthusiasts and vendors. Drupal camps typically are organized through their own websites. They often have admission fees and they often have several hours or even days of session speakers.

Often Drupal Camps also have vendor booths or vendor presentations to help fund the session space and refreshments. They are also typically held approximately annually.

Great examples of Drupal Camps are Twin Cities Drupal Camp  and DrupalCorn Camp.


Last but certainly not least, DrupalCon is an official event put on by the Drupal association. It is has a rotating global location and is held two or three times annually. Thousands of Drupal users, thousands of Drupal developers and hundreds of Drupal vendors attend in order to help share ideas through several different session tracks, vendor booths, informal birds of a feather BOFand after hours formal and informal all activities.

There is typically a cost to attending Drupal con however often the fees are waived for those that are approved presenters.

The official list of past and future DrupalCon events is on

That's a Lot of Events!

So, how do you maximize your value in these events? Try to be a presenter, try to participate in code sprints, and certainly mingle with the very accepting and welcoming Drupal community. Can't make it to all of them? Me neither!

However, if you'd like to meet in person sometime, I'm attending BADCamp in Berkley, CA, I'm planning to be at DrupalCon Baltimore, and of course I try to make it to Drupal414 every chance I get.

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