by Elliot Christenson on August 23, 2016 - 7:51am

A few weeks ago, we had A Survey! Is Drupal Hard?

First of all, thank you for taking the time to answer (even though we had a short-lived technical snafu!). At myDropWizard, we believe in transparency and openness, so I'm going to share the unfiltered data with you - as well as what my thoughts are in interpreting this non-scientific study.

The Data

The Complex Things [CHART]

The Simple Things [CHART]

Some Issues

  1. Many of those answering would be biased towards Drupal
  2. The choices were somewhat arbitrary, and no doubt some were left out
  3. There was an initial bug in the survey keeping some good data out
  4. The choice "It's about what I would expect" is probably better labeled as something more along the lines of "an average web developer should be able to accomplish their needs in a reasonable amount of time"


So, there were plenty of flaws in the data, but that won't keep me from drawing a few conclusions - and I'm anxious to hear what others feel as well.

Drupal 7 Still a Favorite

"0" respondents claimed it "impossible" to do complex things while coupled with the lowest number of "Never Used It / No Opinion" at 5.

Backdrop Ease of Use on Complex Things

WordPress and Backdrop [CHART]

Still a Need for Professionals

While (thankfully) the tools we all use to build the web keep improving, the complexities that we are tasked with keep increasing as well. Based on the very diverse set of skill levels and the varying opinions on complexity across platforms, it seems pretty clear that there will be a need for professional web developers as well as support and maintenance specialists (like myDropWizard) for a long time to come. If you fall into the camp of needing support for a Drupal website, please contact us!

What Do You Think?

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