by Elliot Christenson on July 25, 2018 - 9:49pm

We're Drupalers who only recently started digging deep into CiviCRM and we're finding some really cool things! This series of videos is meant to share those secrets with other Drupalers, in case they come across a project that could use them. :-)

There are millions of nonprofit organizations and small businesses across the planet: we want all of them using Roundearth! In the screencast below, we'll show what myDropWizard's Roundearth is all about and offer a brief glimpse at what it looks like logged-in.

Watch the screencast to see our brief overview of Roundearth:

Some highlights from the video:

  • What is Roundearth?
  • Who can use Roundearth?

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Your Blog is really very Interesting. As I am new to Drupal field, it helped me a lot to gain more information about it.Started to learn its new features.
Thanks You


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