by David Snopek on May 23, 2017 - 10:23pm

Last week, I presented on "Docker & Drupal for local development" at Drupal414, the local Drupal meetup in Milwaukee, WI.

It included:

  • a basic introduction to the why's and how's of Docker,
  • a couple live demos, and
  • the the details of how we use Docker as our local development environment to support & maintain hundreds of Drupal sites here at myDropWizard

The presentation wasn't recorded at the time, but it was so well received that I decided to record it again at my desk so I could share it with a wider audience. :-)

Here's the video:

(Sorry, for the poor audio! This was recorded sort of spontaneously...)

And here are the slides.

Please leave any questions or comments in the comments section below!

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Might want to look at Docksal too.


Docksal is super cool and is definitely the most similar Docker/Drupal tool to our internal tool! It just didn't quite meet our needs: we need to standardize more - without packing so much code into the client repo - and wanted to do deeper, global customizations via PHP. In any case, it certainly worth evaluating when looking for the right Docker/Drupal tooling :-)

In fact there are so many Docker-related tools for Drupal out there that someone could try. See some on

Wow, that is a really cool link! Thanks!

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