by Elliot Christenson on January 17, 2017 - 5:36pm

This isn't a new announcement. In fact, it's not really an announcement at all!

We've supported Pantheon and recommended their hosting since the founding of myDropWizard. But it's something we haven't really gone into in detail on our blog ... until today. :-)

Why do we love Pantheon?

We've always been huge fans of Pantheon and it's a great platform for us to provide support and maintenance to our customers: dev/test/live environments are built-in, there's multidev so we don't step on our customers toes, and sites are well isolated from each other for security.

Not only do they have great services, but Pantheon is also a great Drupal Community member. We see their staff at all the Drupal events we frequent including, in my opinion, the best T-Shirts at DrupalCon. What developer doesn't want a T that screams "I Make The Internet". I know I do.

All myDropWizard Plans Support Pantheon

Even our super affordable "The Essentials" (or Basic) Plan ($99/mo)? Yes! Even the myDropWizard "The Essentials" Plan works on Pantheon. The magical wizard-like technology behind the myDropWizard Support and Maintenance Plans has been specially tuned to work with Pantheon, so we're able to provide a low-cost option on their hosting platfrom.

Even Drupal 6

Stuck on Drupal 6 after it's been End-Of-Lifed (EOL)?

While Pantheon won't allow its customers to directly launch new Drupal 6 sites, you can still migrate a Drupal 6 site to Pantheon by coming through one of Pantheon's Drupal 6 Long-Term Support partners -- of which myDropWizard is one!

myDropWizard is still proud partner with Pantheon!


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