by David Snopek on January 19, 2017 - 2:45pm

At myDropWizard, we've always been huge fans of and their the Drupal-optimized hosting platform: it's fast, secure, flexible and built specifically for Drupal.

They're also great Open Source citizens! Their control panel is based an Aegir, a Drupal distribution, which they contribute heavily to. And their full hosting platform, BOA, is available on GitHub, so you can run it on your own servers. (We actually use BOA for the Drupal-optimized shared hosting that we offer to our customers.)

They really, really kick ass at Drupal hosting.

However, while they provide excellent support for their hosting, they don't provide any support for their customers' Drupal sites themselves. If you needed to perform a security update, add a new View or Panel, or debug a problem inside of your Drupal site - you were on your own... Until now!

We're happy to announce that we'll be partnering with to provide support for Drupal sites hosted on their platform!

That means:

  • We're going to make our "Basic" plan (our cheapest plan) available to sites hosted on Previously, it was limited to sites hosted on Pantheon

  • If you contact support, and your needs are outside the scope of their support, they'll forward you to us to see if we can help! You'll still need to purchase a support plan from us, of course.

  • We can work directly with and their support team to get up-to-speed and gain access to your site, so if you need help, we can get started faster

We're really excited to work closer with, and to help their customers do amazing things with Drupal!

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