by Elliot Christenson on August 1, 2019 - 12:39am

If you have a Drupal website, then you have a Drupal developer. In some cases, that might be you. In other cases, that could be an employee or intern on your staff. In other cases, it could be an employee or team from a consulting team or "Drupal Shop". For all sorts of reasons, any or all of these types of people may eventually not be able to continue to maintain the website they built for you.

You're the developer?

This one's easy. You are the "chief bottle washer and entrepreneur" - which you probably already know is a terrible idea. You should be focusing on how to make your organization thrive - you should focus on strategy. The day-to-day or tactical issues of your website you probably already know should be handled by someone else. You deserve an occassional vacation, afterall, right?

POOF, you had a family issue, and you're unavailable for several weeks!

You have a developer on staff?

Your website is integral to your organization, and you treat it seriously. You have a Drupal specialist on your staff that handles things. Great! Maybe your organization has enough needs to pay an employee to take care of your website needs. However, what do you do if your employee is unavailable? She's on vacation? He's on family leave? She was a summer intern? He was a temporary employee, and now you can't fill the position?

Even if you have the best, most loyal staff, personal issues can happen!

Anyway, POOF, you no longer have an employee!

Obviously, you should outsource, right?

The most common situation is for you to have had your website built by some sort of "Drupal Shop", agency, freelancer - or some sort of business that is outside of your own organization.

What if they get bought out, relocate, even out of business?

Business can be tough enough. Agencies try to get new business - they need to continually build new websites and other new projects. Maintaining the old projects can be very difficult for them to builf into their workflow. Those that try to handle everything - can end-up strained. They could end up unable to provide you service as planned - with very little notice.

What if they stop offering maintenance?

Even if there is no major change in the business, what if you are working with a business that suddencly stops or changes their service offernings? Companies that attempt to take on too many offerings are most likely to drop the day-to-day support and maintenance offering.

What if they switch to a different preferred content management system or platform?

It's no secret: the Drupal world has seen more than its fair share of controversial changes over the last few years. Some agencies have abandoned Drupal for WordPress or another platform - or perhaps only use proprietary hosted solutions. Perhaps the agency is going all in on Drupal 9, and your website is still stuck at Drupal 6.

Whatever the reason: POOF, you suddenly have no outsourced support either!

What's the big deal? Day-to-day, your website just sits here right?

You actually do have day-to-day updates!

It's 2019. It's pretty clear that you want to keep your website up-to-date. For search engine optimization (SEO), social media Popularity, and just to have current information about your organization - you really can't leave updates absent for too long.

Security Updates

Drupal is a complex platform. This is a great thing! It provides TONS of power. However, there are several security issues found every single month across various Drupal versions and Contrib modules. These often must be updated within minutes to avoid getting hacked!

Basic SEO Guidance

Even when you do update your website, unless you're in the business of building websites, you probably are not an expert on search engine optimization. You might need some guidance on the basic techniques to optimize your website to be found by search engines or for social media sharing.

Simple Development Tasks

Sometimes, since you have a powerful Drupal site, you might need new features added to the website. Maybe you have other software with which your Drupal website must integrate. This might require some software development!

Uptime Monitoring

Finally, you probably aren't watching your website or paying for a monitoring service to check whether the website is functioning or not.

myDropWizard Solutions

The Essentials

  • Keep the Drupal and Contrib software updated
  • Protect and fortify against hacking
  • Keep the website up and running correctly

Full Service

  • Update your website with new content
  • Assist With Basic SEO

Continuous Innovation

  • New Features

  • Update Custom Code

  • Integrations

    • Add to new services

    • Maintain existing services

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When your Drupal Developer stops "drupaling" then migrate your project to WordPress ;-)