by Elliot Christenson on May 9, 2019 - 2:22am

Today, it's Thursday. I'm looking forward to a fun Mothers Day weekend - maybe you are too. Of course, Thursdays also follow that dreaded day among Drupalers: Upgrade Wednesdays.

If you'reresponsible for the uptime for your website, you are tethered! It's probably not a great feeling. Wouldn't it be great to be liberated just a little bit?

This has been on my mind a lot lately. Not just because of the major security update that happened yesterday, but also in last month's Drupalcon in Seattle. I would continuously hear conference-goers say things like "great sign, but I don't have Druapl 6 anymore". I would, of course, remind them that our services are probably even more critical for newer versions of Drupal because they are a more likely attack target for malicious attackers.

Not Just for Drupal 6

myDropWizard is well known as being active in the community for developing new security releases for Drupal 6. If you're running a Drupal 6 site, this is a critical service, so we are a victim of our own success to a certain degree! We have done such a great job of telling everyone to come to us for Drupal 6 help that they forget they can still come to us for Drupal 7 and Drupal 8! Access to critical Drupal 6 updates is only a small part of what we provide. Far more important for all versions of Drupal sites is our full support and maintenenace serices. When there is a security release of any kind, the myDropWizard wizards and their helpful robots get immediately to work! Many of the latest, highest profile Drupal security issues have been considered "zero-day". That means you need to update your site IMMEDIATELY.

Worry-Free, Security Updates at a Great Price

Of course, updating all Drupal sites is exactly what we do - even on our most Basic suport plan "The Essentials" - which is only $99 per month for Drupal 7 & 8 sites.

Let Us Take Over Wednesdays For You!

Throughout Drupalcon, I kept reminding attendees that it was highly unlikely that they (or I myself) could afford to keep their site up to date and worry-free tor less than that. Because we are already performing this task, and we have acutely automated parts of the process, myDropWizard can afford to do this for you. It's exhausting - though hugely rewarding - hard work.

I'm so excited to see Wednesdays roll around now. I get the pleasure of emailing our clients once the updates are completed. For many clients, I get a great confirmation: "Thanks!". For others, I get an almost as rewarding no response. Neither of those are my favorite type of reply though!

Every time we do updates on a Wednesday, I get at least one client who has an autoresponder setup with an "out of the office" message. I can't begin to convey how thrilling it is to get that sort of message! Our service is so valuable - yet so trusted - that it can become nearly invisible to some clients!

Start to Love Wednesday as Much as I Do!

I know Wednesdays can stretch for our staff from the early morning into the early morning of Thursday. We have to do this - it's literally our job. It's highly unlikely that it's your job, and I'd like you to strongly consider having us do that for you.

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