by David Snopek on October 3, 2016 - 2:33pm

If you have a site that's still on Drupal 6, you're not alone. As of about a week ago, there's still over 88,000 Drupal 6 sites out there!

While support from the community ended on February 24th, the Drupal 6 Long-Term Support vendors have been hard at work, releasing over 20 security fixes for various contrib so far, including very popular modules like Views and Panels!

While the D6LTS vendors haven't released any security fixes for Drupal 6 core yet - it's only a matter of time!

If you want to be ready for it when they do, we recommend that you update to Pressflow. But that's not the only reason!

Read more to find out why and how!

Pressflow for "modern" Drupal 6

Now that Drupal 6 is End-of-Life, there will be no more official Drupal 6 releases. The D6LTS vendors will put out patches, and update Pressflow with any security fixes they create. This is the main reason to switch to Pressflow.

Of course, you could use the patches instead, but turning your Drupal core into "patch soup" is a bad idea:

  1. It can be difficult to tell which sites have the patches applied or not, because it still has the same old version number. If you use the mydropwizard module, and any future Pressflow security releases (once one comes out), you'll be able to see if your site is fully up-to-date on the "Available updates" report (just like before End-of-Life).
  2. Once there's more than one patch, there may be conflicts between them! Rather than everyone resolving the same set of conflicts over and over again, we can share the work already done in Pressflow :-)

However, there's other reasons to use Pressflow than just security! It has better performance, a couple additional features which you might be familiar with from Drupal 7, and better support for newer versions of PHP.

How to update to Pressflow?

Updating to Pressflow is actually quite simple - you can follow the exact same process as you would to update to a new version of Drupal 6 core.

However, we recommend testing the update and making the switch as soon as possible!

If you're still on Drupal 6, odds are your server is also quite out-of-date, and the code (custom or contrib) is written for older PHP and Drupal standards or best practices. This increases the possibility that you might have issues in the switch over.

Better to test and handle any issues now, before a critical security release comes out!

We're in the process of updating all our customer's sites to Pressflow. If you're interested having the switch done for you, and any future security fixes applied to your site the same day they're released, please check out our support and maintenance plans!

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Thanks for helpful information.
One thing I wanto to ask, It can be switch to Drupal 7 after switch to Pressfllow?

You're welcome :-)

One thing I wanto to ask, It can be switch to Drupal 7 after switch to Pressfllow?

Yes! The process for updating from Pressflow 6 to Drupal 7 or 8 is exactly the same as updating from vanilla Drupal 6.

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