by Elliot Christenson on October 16, 2019 - 7:53am

The Brief Story Behind the Wizards

We have several highly skilled Drupal developers on our staff with diverse backgrounds. We work full-time - not on developing large complex websites (anymore). While to varying degrees, we've all done things like that, all of our myDropWizard Support Wizards focus solely on Support and Maintenance tasks for our clients.

While a client may launch a new giant website initiative ever 5-10 years, their organizational website(s) need to run 24/7/365.

The Support Wizards get assigned various small task tickets, and these tasks are done extremely quickly. Some of those tasks are on demand tasks that are requested by clients, some of them are maintenance tasks to help secure clients and our infrastructure, still others are in building the robots.

Are The Robots Dangerous?

Think of the myDropWizard robots as being like the Arnold Schwarzenegger friendly android T-1000 from the 1991 Terminator 2: Judgment Day instead of the deadly killer T-1000 from the 1984 The Terminator. There might be malicious "robot" code floating around the Internet trying to attack your site, but our automated services along with our Support Wizards provide semi-automated protection to keep you safe and secure. You're likely to not have issues with your myDropWizard protected website - but Drupal sites are complex, and the Internet is dangerous. If you do, we are there to remediate any issues, and get you back into production without missing a beat.

Not Just for Drupal 6

myDropWizard is well known as being active in the community for developing new security releases for Drupal 6. If you're running a Drupal 6 site, this is a critical service, so we are a victim of our own success to a certain degree! We have done such a great job of telling everyone to come to us for Drupal 6 help that they forget they can still come to us for Drupal 7, Drupal 8, and Drupal 9! Access to critical Drupal 6 updates is only a small part of what we provide. Far more important for all versions of Drupal sites is our full support and maintenenace serices. When there is a security release of any kind, the myDropWizard wizards and their helpful robots get immediately to work! Many of the latest, highest profile Drupal security issues have been considered "zero-day". That means you need to update your site IMMEDIATELY.

Worry-Free, Security Updates at a Great Price

Of course, updating all Drupal sites is exactly what we do - even on our most Basic suport plan "The Essentials" - which is only $99 per month for Drupal 7 & 8 sites.

Let Us Take Over Wednesdays For You!

My favorite "slogan" for our service is to "let us take over Wednesdays for you". Drupal updates frequently come out on Wednesdays!  In the middle of the work week - whether you are a small nonprofit, a large organization, or even an agency - an unexptected security update can wreak havoc on your plans.

I know Wednesdays can stretch for our staff from the early morning into the early morning of Thursday. We have to do this - it's literally our job. It's highly unlikely that it's your job, and I'd like you to strongly consider having us do that for you. It's something that has to be done to keep your website free from the non-stop attacks.

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