by Sofia Saldana on August 9, 2018 - 4:07am

Having a Drupal site can be the best thing for your business: for the first few months or years.

However, like any other software, you can start experiencing some problems: security issues, software conflicts, feature upgrades - even simply forgetting how to perform some actions within the system! Having to fix issues could be expensive. Hiring support staff to help you with getting things done can be very expensive!

But there is a better way:

Organizations like what Katie and Henry run can't afford to have their website offline. This stops donations or sales from coming in, stops news and outreach, and can even put a halt to an entire web dependent organization!

Be like Katie and Henry and get your Drupal site protected with myDropWizard. Choose the Best Route!

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Katie and Henry Choose the Best Route

Through our expertise and automation work, there simply is no more cost-effective way to fortify your Drupal site than through myDropWizard. We update your site for security whenever the security releases happen (we even have a founder on the Drupal Security Team!), and we immediately make certain that your Critical Use Cases pass.

If a security update is too late - we will "unhack" your site! Don't worry, myDropWizard is on the case!


Don't wait for an agency or a freelance developer to find time to help you, Even if you are the IT department, you don't have to find time yourself either. We're on the job all the time! Subscribe to a myDropWizard plan today! Here are just a few of the benefits of even our most basic of plans:

  • Immediate security updates and bug fixes.

  • Testing of Critical Use Cases - we make sure the most important things do not break on your site!

  • Remediation of Site Hacking

  • Small sites are even eligible for our free hosting!

Our more advanced plans even offer 24/7 support and Drupal development options!

Get a free site-audit now!

P.S., Whether you're a Drupal beginner or a long-time Drupal expert, nobody likes doing those emergency security updates (well, except for our engineers). Don't get hacked - get covered for as low as $99/mo!

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