by Elliot Christenson on January 10, 2019 - 12:28am

Your Drupal Site Is Broken!? Hacked!?

Well, honestly, if your site is truly broken or hacked right now, you really should call us right now! I'll be happy to explain the below and answer your questions about what we're all about and how we can make your organization's site run smoother. Peace of mind is important. We can help you with that!

That said, if you are reading this, your site is probably not down right now, so: read on!

Drupal is Hard, Right?

You have a Drupal site, the story is always about how complex Drupal is! There is this assumption that you need to employ a full-time $100k/year developer to keep your site running. Now, many Drupal sites are huge, and there is ongoing, continuous development. Continuous development does require Drupal developers. What about keeping your site going, providing some simple end-user site support, and securing it from attack? Who should do all of the maintenance? Not you as the site owner or your marketing department!

My Developer Should Do Maintenance, Right?

Getting and attracting great developers is super-hard! Why would you want to burden them with less fulfulling, thankless work? Plus, this routine maintenance takes them off of innovating for your organization, working for your constituents, and keeping up with your competition!

Drupal developers want to DEVELOP Drupal. This isn't different from other disciplines. For example, carmakers want to make cars, they don't want to change tires.

This may come as a surprise to anyone (except developers), but development is a specialty skill. It's a well accepted fact that "multitasking" (in humans) simply doesn't work. Having to stop a project to shift to general maintenance (and all of the complexity that can result from that) is very expensive.

That's why they got into the field. They largely do not want to perform maintenance. For all complex software, updates are critical. You likely have a Samsung or Apple phone, right? Android and iOS apps are updated regularly! New features are critical to keep moving technology forward, but more importantly, software like Drupal needs updates for security.

As we have seen, a lapse in taking care of Drupal security updates can create immense issues for your site very quickly. myDropWizard will update your site the same day security updates come out. Will a Drupal developer?

Wait? Doesn't myDropWizard Have Drupal Developers!?

Yes. We sure do. We are very involved in the Drupal community, attend DrupalCon and many other Drupal Conferences, and keep our training up to date. However, we focus in on maintenance (and support - which I'll touch on next). We don't love building shiny new projects. We're a little bit crazy - but the good kind of crazy. We're developers who want to keep you secure. We're developers who focus on support and maintenance!

So, this article is just clickbait, right? I really do need a developer.

I don't really think it's "clickbait", though clicks are welcome. I also don't think you need a developer. Our Support Developers (or as I like to call them "Support Wizards") are able to use our specially designed operational tools to get you updated quickly and easily. Could your on-staff or contracted developer do that? Sure they could! Maybe not as fast, maybe not as well - but a competent Drupal developer can certainly update your site and keep it going - especially with some practice.

Here's the thing, though, we do this for hundreds of sites. Most Drupal security updates impact dozens of sites. Because we are dealing with so many sites, I feel we are uniquely suited to handle these sorts of daily/weekly/monthly updates - and simple support needs.

What does that mean in practice?

I tend to talk in circles a bit, so I'll try to nail it down to some bullet points:

Dedicated Support Developers Can (and should):

  • update individual sites cost effectively
  • know the ins and outs of a particular security or feature update
  • perform updates immediately
  • add the occasional Drupal module
  • provide basic end-user support
  • do small one-off clearly-defined programming tasks

Drupal Developers Can (and should):

  • work on adding new and innovative features
  • develop complex integrations with other software products
  • potentially work on other (even non-Drupal) development projects in your organization
  • and continuously improve upon your systems!

There is plenty of development work for Drupal Developers. If you know and love developers like we do, please help them help you - offload the mundane (but important) maintenance work to someone like the Support Wizards at myDropWizard.

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