by Elliot Christenson on October 11, 2017 - 10:25am

If you are an agency, solo Drupaler, or just want to add a podcast to your organization's marketing, this might be of interest to you. I created a very simple podcast module...

RSS SimplePodcast

Podcasts are sort of a mystical art. Most of the people creating podcasts don't really even have any idea about how podcasts work. In the Drupal 7 world, there was a great walk-through to configure Views along with an add-on module to create the podcast RSS feed. While this worked great for many sites - including my Drupal 7 sites - it didn't quite fit my needs going forward. If you have a Drupal 8 site that needs a podcast, maybe this will help!

Setting up iTunes podcast feed elements (in Drupal 7)

The thing is, we're on Drupal 8 now, and that whole process - while great for developers seemed just a little too complicated for most users. Views is great. It's super-flexible. However, podcast RSS feeds really aren't. The format and the fields are set! Since Apple is the largest repository of podcasts, Apple's format is the de facto standard.

Your podcast feed needs to look similar to this:

RSS Feed Example


Drupal 8 RSS SimplePodcast

Because the previous method never sat quite right with me, was more complicated, and wasn't actually ready to use when I needed it, I created a simple module to create the RSS feed that iTunes needs for podcasts!

If you want the typical Drupal flexibility and complexity, this isn't the module for you. You probably want to either roll your own or utilize a variation of the Drupal 7 method.

As none of the podcasts I work with are "tech related" podcasts, it was critical to make something as simple and stable as possible. The first place I used this module was here:

The module created the iTunes RSS link at the bottom of the site that can be both subscribed to in "podcatchers" and submitted to iTunes and other directories!

How Does It Work?

Everything is configured via the Drupal 8 Configuration web interface. There are sensible defaults, but you will need to add a content type that has a link (I store episodes on Amazon S3) field and other information to populate the feed. When I have time I do want to make it simpler - probably including a default content type so it can be a turn-key system for podcasting.

The module is very bare-bones right now, but I think a lot of other people will find it useful. I especially think it can be very helpful for agencies that get called on to shoehorn a podcast into a Drupal 8 site!

One Podcast per Site?

Because I believe every podcast should have its own simple URL (i.e. it's own website), I didn't see much point in allowing multiple podcasts per Drupal site. I felt it was critical to keep this as simple as possible from both a site owner aspect but also from a site builder point of view.

Let me know if this is something that would work for you, if you have any issues with it, or if there are any critical features that you think we could build into the module. (e.g. Token Support?)

I love Drupal. I love Drupal 8, and I love podcasts. I think this is one of those niche areas where Drupal can be the best of breed solution. Hopefully this is one small step toward that!

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This module looks great, but for the one feed per site limit. I am working on a course website where I want students to be able to host podcast projects and have to allow multiple podcasts under one URL (though each could have a dedicated subdomain within the website domain). Will RSSSP allow this as is? Or do you know a way to achieve it with this module?
Thank you!

Thanks for noticing the module. I think you could probably set it up under Drupal Multisite with you rmentioned subdomains. This has been the most requested feature, but would require a bunch of changes that will make upgrading difficult.

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