by Elliot Christenson on May 24, 2018 - 1:24am

When we originally announced that we'd be providing Drupal 6 Long-Term Support, we committed to supporting our customers until at least February 2017.

Each year in the spring, we've taken a look at the state of Drupal 6 and decided whether we'll extend support for another year, and if we need to make any changes to our offering. Here's the articles from 2016 and 2017, where we announced support until at least February 2019.

Today, I'm happy to announce that we'll be extending our Drupal 6 Long-Term Support until at least February 2020!

While I'm sure there will come a time, when it no longer makes business sense to pour resources into Drupal 6 for the few remaining sites, however, it's already clear to us that there's enough demand to one more year.

However, this time is a little different because PHP 5.6 will reach the end of its security support in December 2018 (8 months from now).

We can't responsibly provide Long-Term Support for Drupal 6, if there isn't a PHP version that you can securely run it on.

So, this year we're making some bigger changes to the program and to Drupal 6 itself!

Read on to find out more!

PHP 7 support for Drupal 6 (and supported modules)

If there won't be any more security support for PHP 5 after December 2018, that means Drupal 6 and it's contrib modules will need to run on PHP 7! (PHP 7.2 will have security support until November 2020.)

Unfortunately, the last official release of Drupal 6 (version 6.38) won't work unmodified on PHP 7.

So, we're going to be releasing a version of our Drupal 6 LTS fork which runs on PHP 7.2. Assuming no other security issues come up first, this could be in our 6.45 release! You can see our Drupal 6 fork on GitHub.

Contrib modules too!?

For our clients, we fully support their Drupal security - even for our Basic Plan! This means that we'll update the contrib modules used by our customers to work with PHP 7 as well! All your favorite Drupal add-ons from Views to CCK to Panels - and most other Drupal 6 modules will updated to work with PHP 7.2! If you're a Standard or Enterprise client, we'll even be covering more obscure modules or even custom code to have some more longevity!

Our interests are aligned on this! If your site does suffer from a security breach, we're here to help you work through it. We'd prefer you to be as proactive as possible!

Will you support Drupal 6 forever?

While some of customers would love if we'd support Drupal 6 forever, the answer is "no."

Our service is billed at a relatively low fixed monthly fee, so it depends on a certain amount of scale and overlap between our customers needs in order to be profitable.

This is great for our customers because they pay less than they'd probably pay hourly for individual services just for their site, by "sharing the load" with other customers with similar needs! But it also means that when enough of our customers quit or upgrade to being Drupal 7 or 8 maintenance and support customers, providing Drupal 6 LTS will be a loss for us.

When that happens (and it inevitably will), then we'll have to either (a) charge higher prices to make up the difference or (b) stop providing Drupal 6 LTS.

But don't worry - we'll let you know long in advance of when that is coming!

Around this time next year, we'll be announcing any changes to our Drupal 6 LTS offering, including:

  • Whether or not we'll be extending Drupal 6 support,
  • If there will be any changes to the price or service offered,
  • And if we have any special offers to help upgrade the remaining Drupal 6 sites

But for the time-being, you can expect our Drupal 6 LTS to last until February 24th, 2020!


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Love it! Thank you so much. You are doing a great service for the D6/Pressflow community! :) PHP7 FTW!

Hi, i see the latest Drulal 6 secure version is 6.49. Is there coming a specific version for PHP 7?
Thanks for securing drupal 6! Greetings, Martijn

Hi Martijn! Drupal 6.49 will work with PHP 7. The first version with PHP 7 support was 6.45 but several improvements were made in 6.47 as well. So, going forward you can expect the D6LTS releases to support PHP 7!

Amazing Long Term Support!
Is there a chance to make it work with PHP 7.3 as well?

Yep, we're working on PHP 7.3 support! We plan to have it done before PHP 7.2's EOL in November.

Any updates on the work on 7.3? Thanks!

Our fork of Drupal 6 core already works on PHP 7.3 and 7.4. We're working on getting the contrib modules that we support all working on PHP 7.4 as well, but that work isn't finished yet.

Obviously, we're focused first on the contrib modules that are used by our customers that are going to update to PHP 7.3 or 7.4, which, sadly, isn't all of them. Of course, we're recommending that they all update, but we can't force them too. In any case, what that means is that some of our supported modules are a lower priority, so that's why we haven't gotten around to them yet, but I'm confident we'll have them all updated by November 30th.

Thanks for providing this option to the community. I'm positive there are still quite a couple of sites on Drupal 6 that cannot be migrated very easily, but which have to be upgraded to PHP 7.

Extending your long-term support (LTS) for Drupal 6 until 2022 is a good decision: