by David Snopek on September 5, 2018 - 2:59pm

Back in May, we announced that we'd be working on getting Drupal 6 core, and the contrib modules used by our D6LTS customers, working on PHP 7.2 before the end of the year.

This is largely because PHP 5 will be reaching it's End of Life (EOL) on December 31st, and will no longer be supported by the PHP maintainers, which means no more security updates.

How can we help keep your Drupal 6 site secure, if PHP itself is insecure?

Well, that deadline is coming up fast, and in fact, may be coming sooner than December for folks hosted with certain hosting companies!

Acquia just announced that they'll automatically switch all sites hosted on Acquia Cloud to PHP 7.1 on October 1st, less than a month away from now.

Inspired by this (read: some of our customers are hosted on Acquia ;-)) we're going to make a push to get a handful of brave D6LTS customers switched to PHP 7.1 or 7.2 by the end of September.

After proving this out with a handful of sites in September, we'll continue to roll that out to the rest of our customers in October, November and December.

Interested in getting involved? Wondering how much of this will be shared with the community?

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What is Drupal 6 Long-Term Support?

We've been providing support and maintenance for Drupal 6 sites ever since Drupal 6 reach it's End-of-Life back in February 2016. This includes creating security releases and patches for Drupal core and contrib. In fact, we're one of two companies officially blessed by the Drupal Security Team to do so.

In the beginning, we weren't sure how long we'd be doing this. Perhaps, everyone would upgrade to Drupal 7 or 8 by the end of 2016?

However, that's not what happened...

While many of our customers have upgraded or switched to other platforms, we still have quite a few customers who don't have clear plans to upgrade any time soon.

We want to continue to provide a way to keep using Drupal 6, and in 2019 and beyond, that means PHP 7!

Sharing with the community

You may not know this, but we've released all the Drupal 6 security updates that have come out after Drupal 6's EOL to the community!

(There's actually a convenient Drupal 6 module you can use to check if any of the modules on your site need security updates.)

We plan to also share all the changes to Drupal 6 core and contrib that we make to support PHP 7!

You'll be able to find them in the forked Drupal project in this GitHub organization:

We'll only work on the modules used by our customers, but we'll share the changes with everyone!

Need help with your site?

If you need help geting your Drupal 6 site working on PHP 7, especially if you're willing to be adventurous and participate in the September push, please contact us!

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