by Elliot Christenson on June 27, 2016 - 4:08pm

Is Drupal 6 Finally Dead Yet?

The Drupal Community is doing all that we can to move beyond Drupal 6.

We're working hard. We're improving Drupal 8. We're keeping Drupal 7 secure.

You may have heard about the DRUPAL 6 FUNERAL at DrupalCon New Orleans. It's true! There certainly was a fun funeral for Drupal 6 - we even put together a montage of some of the highlights. Of course, we at myDropWizard joked that perhaps we should have dressed as "the ghost of Drupal 6".

The thing is, there are still thousands of websites that are working just fine under Drupal 6. So, while we had a great time at the "funeral", and this milestone will no doubt help move things along faster, we are not dropping Drupal 6 support at myDropWizard any time soon!

If you are able to move to Drupal 8 already, that's great! We love Drupal 8, and we look forward to supporting you in the future. If you are almost done with a Drupal 7 migration, that's fantastic! When Drupal 7 itself is retired, we'll be supporting Drupal 7 into the future as well.

"It's not any easier losing your 6th after losing your first 5."

Dries Buytaert

For the rest of us - the thousands of Drupal 6 installations - that are just not quite yet ready for a jump to Drupal 8, rest assured, we have your back with long-term support.

So, enjoy the brief video. Have a few laughs along with us, and remember that good software doesn't die - it keeps on working away. It paves the way for great new innovations.

Share your favorite Drupal 6 module, theme or memory below in the comments!

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