by Elliot Christenson on August 15, 2016 - 3:40pm

As you probably already know, Drupal 6 is end-of-lifed. This creates many risks for Drupal 6 site owners to keep their site up! First and foremost: security updates are difficult to find and get. Because the energy of the Drupal community as a whole is focused on Drupal 8, the resources dedicated to keeping Drupal 6 secure are very limited. So, your site is more vulnerable to be hacked.

Many low-end website owners shrug off the risk of being hacked. Don't dismiss this risk! Your website could be defaced, have private data become public, and jeopardize your business and reputation. Those may be obvious risks. What may be less obvious is that a hacked Drupal 6 website can be used to infiltrate and deface other websites hosted from the same server. These can be websites operated by your organization - or in a shared hosting environment - even other businesses and organizations.

Take steps to protect yourself. myDropWizard offers Long-Term Support for Drupal 6, so, that is one option.

However, it is possible that you may not need support! For example, if your site doesn't get updated at all - or very minimally - it may be an option for you to get rid of Drupal altogether. I have a video tutorial that will walk you through how to do such a cloned backup.


This demo utilizes a free program called HTTrack available at - the download for Windows that I used in the demo is here:

Windows Vista/Seven/8 64-bit installer version (Though in the demo I used Windows 10)

There are other ways to perform this process too that are similar but might be easier for your needs. Since most users have Windows, and HTTrack is cross-platform, I thought this would be the ideal for the video tutorial.

Linux Option

HTTrack is cross-platform running on Windows, Mac, Linux - even Android. However, on Linux and other Unix systems (including the Mac using Homebrew), you can also simply use the command line:

wget -mk

That will give you a mirrored clone of the website - similar to the default settings of HTTrack into your current directory!

More info here!

Mac Options

The Mac has another option in addition to HTTrack and wget (using Homebrew), there is at least one app in the Mac App Store. While there may be free options in the App Store - or elsewhere - SiteSucker is the app on the Mac I usually use. It works great. It's available for $4.99 (at this writing) on the Mac App Store.

Caveats & Gotchas

While making a static copy of your site can be a fantastic opportunity for small organizations on a tight budget using any of the mentioned methods, there are a few "gotchas":

  • PHP/Drupal generated dynamic content won't work. This content will be frozen in time.
  • Drupal Search will not work
  • Drupal Webform and Contact form will not work

There are other ways to search websites, and there are other ways to add contact forms, so this can still be an option for you if you truly have a static, unchanging website on Drupal 6 - or really any other content management system.

That said, contact forms are a deal breaker for many organizations. Search can also be a critical component, so I would personally recommend our Drupal Support & Maintenance Plans for Drupal 6 as well as Drupal 7, and Drupal 8.

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