by Elliot Christenson on June 14, 2018 - 12:15am

We're Drupalers who only recently started digging deep into CiviCRM and we're finding some really cool things! This series of videos is meant to share those secrets with other Drupalers, in case they come across a project that could use them. :-)

In the screencast below, I'll demonstrate the new demo of Roundearth! Roundearth is our Drupal 8 + CiviCRM Distribution.

Watch the screencast to see the progress so far on the Roundearth project:

Some highlights from the video:

  • Drupal 8.5
  • CiviCRM + Bootstrap based Shoreditch theme
  • Quick demo of adding Contacts, using a Group, and sending a Bulk Mailing
  • Quick demo of a Public Event

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Hey, thanks a lot for this demo. As a newcomer to Civi I am finding it a steep learning curve. This kind of demo is great for de-mystifying things. Good luck with Roundearth.

Best wishes
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