by Elliot Christenson on June 7, 2018 - 1:16am

You may already be aware of myDropWizard's services. We provide same day security updates for Drupal 6, 7 and 8. We also offer full service support for Drupal Sites. What's new? We have quantity discounts for agencies and other organizations that may have dozens or hundreds of Drupal sites!

However, the discounts start to kick in with as low as 6 sites!

Are you in charge of support for an agency? Is your team responsible for supporting hundreds of installs at a University? Has your corporation standardized on Drupal for your worldwide web presence?

Read on for more details!

Let Us Help!

The value in myDropWizard support services is super-obvious for a handful of sites. That's the vast majority of the organizations that contact us. We have talked with some agencies, universities, governments, and corporations who have dozens or even hundreds of Drupal sites to support. Just like with any other purchase, there should be a cost-savings for quantity.

With our new pricing, the value of providing immediate, automatic security updates for potentially thousands of new Drupal sites is unleashed! We feel that we've developed pricing that flexes to accomodate every need.

Number of sitesMarginal discount
6 to 1030%
11 to 2035%
21 to 3040%
31 to 4045%
41 to 5060%
51 to 6065%
61 to 7070%
71 to 8075%
81 or more80%

Every situation is different at this scale, so the pricing calculation gets a bit complex - especially with a mix of Basic, Standard, and Enterprise plans. What I thought would work best to explain this is through some scenarios.

Scenario 1

Security Updates via myDropWizard Basic Plan

Your agency has 50 sites that need security updates!

Drupalgeddon 2 hit. Your agency realized that immediately updating dozend of client Drupal sites is time-consuming. You have full-time developers who are booked solid with building new sites - or building new features for existing Drupal sites. Security updates come without warning, and you barely even have time to find out the issues exist before determining their severity - much less deploying updates.

So, you've been tasked with finding a service to do the Drupal updates for you. It's made even more complex because you have a mix of Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 websites. What do you do?

You came to myDropWizard. Great! Then you did the calculation: 50 D7/D8 websites @ $99 = $4950 per month. At that price, it starts to make sense to hire on another Drupal developer to handle the security. While I still feel that our service offers speed and stability benefits over handling this in-house, every organization has to be financially frugal. Everyone has to justify costs.

That's where our new pricing makes this a great deal. At 50, due to efficiencies we've been working on for years, we are now able to offer a 39% discount!

New Monthly: $3,020

Annual Savings: $23,166

That's a discount of 39% annually!

Scenario 2

Drupal 6 Full Support via myDropWizard D6LTS Standard Plan

You built 202 sites across your state government

Your state standardized on Drupal several years ago. GREAT! The drastic changes from Drupal 6 -> Drupal 7 -> Drupal 8 have made upgrading difficult. The agency that helped you standardize is out-of-business, and you are now left wondering what you should do.

That brought you to myDropWizard, and you found that our D6LTS Standard Plan is exactly what you need for all of the government service sites deployed statewide. Your budget is limited since you're between budget cycles. Without a discount, your monthly cost is $125,000! For unlimited support requests across hundreds of sites, that price might be worth it.

However, you simply do not have that budget. So, what does your savings look like?

New Monthly: $39,688

Annual Savings: $1,023,750 (over $1 million per year!)

That's a discount of 68.25% annually!

Scenario 3

Drupal 8 Enterprise Plan for Your University

Your Univerity had students build 15 Drupal 8 sites for various departments - but the students graduated!

Your staff doesn't know how they work. Your staff doesn't care. You can't afford to hire staff to take care of these deployments, but the University students and staff have come to rely on these sites. What do you do?

Your Google searching has landed you at myDropWizard. You know that you need the Enterprise plan because these sites all have complex integrations and custom code. At the original pricing, it was nearly $15,000 per month. You need some help with the budget. What do the new discounts look like for you?

New Monthly: $11,738

Annual Savings: $38,961

That's a discount of almost 22% annually!

We Want ALL Drupal Sites to Be Secure!

We truly would like to reach 100% secure Drupal websites across the Internet. We love Drupal, and the highly publicized security issues give us all headaches! Now is the time. If you are an agency, government, corporation - or any other organization with a large number of Drupal sites, please contact us! Every situation is different, but hopefully you can estimate your savings based on the aforementioned scenarios.

Please conact us! I'm confident we can make the pricing worthwhile.

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