by Elliot Christenson on September 13, 2017 - 10:38pm

I've been thinking about some of the pain points of some of our clients and potential clients. We work with agencies, and I've been a part of agencies in the past. Support is always a pain point with agencies. If you have good developers, can you provide good customer support?

Developers hate "support" projects. Right?

Well, we don't think it's that simple. Afterall, we are developers, and we love support! So, for today's article, I simply want to share some of the things we love about support - and hopefully you can apply some of these ideas to your team!

3 reasons why it's great to do support

a.k.a. "insight into the mind of the developer"

Project Flexibility!

If you're a support developer, your life revolves around the "support queue". Your job is to get through that list quickly - but not so quickly as to ever get completely done.

We think that can be the wrong way to look at things. The quicker you get it done, you can get to other tasks. Here are just a few things that can lead to constant improvement - "continuous organizational development" if you will:

    • Developing new internal tools to save steps
    • Improving existing tools
    • Contributing to open source
    • Contributing to "20% time"
    • Even documenting the support process you went through - to save time in the future!

There are always things to do to improve the organization and your customer support! Developers want to develop - to make things better!

A Rewarding Sense of Accommplishment!

Developers continually try to - much like everyone - reach a work-life balance. Developers aren't robots, and we need to find happiness - and to be fulfilled with a solid sense of accomplishment at work!

It might seem obvious reading this article, but it is far easier to feel fulfilled when you, as a developer, are able to check off 2, 5 - even dozens of projects in a single work day! Think how much more rewarding it is for your developers - but also your clients. Maybe you don't run an agency: maybe you are the client!

Wouldn't it be great to have your organization and your team benefit from moving small projects forward rather than waiting on massive overhauls to develop?

Obviously everyone can't do that - and full-time development projects are critical to most larger organizations. However, a little bit of rethinking and flexibility can lead to a great workplace!

Superhero Achievement: Unlocked!

When are developers the most appreciated? When they get projects done! Big projects, complicated projects, big teams - those chip away at the superhero status that developers pine for!

Why do people become developers in the first place? What keeps them engaged? Changes are pretty good that at some point in their past, they received what I call "superhero status".

This is when you fix something - that is super-simple for you - but it solves a critical life-changing problem for someone. They shower you with praise, gratitiude - and genuine admiration.

When you're locked away on a big project, you don't get so many of those small victories! Larger projects can lead to bigger praise and an even greater sense of accomplishment at times. We all know what bigger projects bring us. However, sometimes these small tasks take the backburner when they can be a source of energy, progress and joy!

Enlightened Yet?

Hopefully you find some of these ideas helpful in reframing your own thoughts about support developers! We obviously think about the support process tons! We believe very strongly in our flat-rate pricing model that aligns interests of our clients and our company. As always, if you work at an agency, and you're interested in talking to me about our myDropWizard White Label porgram, please let me know!

myDropWizard White Label Program

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