by Elliot Christenson on August 29, 2016 - 6:55pm

You run a Drupal Agency - or you're an independent Drupal Developer. Your customers need support. You try to do support. You try to get back to project work. You try to do support. You try to get back to project work. You get the idea. Ad nauseum. That's your life.

What if there were a better way? What if you could spend time doing more profitable things - and spend your spare time like the attached image: on the beach?

We've been there, and we've come up with a handful of key reasons why we feel you should consider outsourcing your Drupal Support and Maintenenance.

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Your focus is - and should remain - on project work. The ebb and flow of project work requires time-wasting context-shifts. Outsouring your Drupal Maintenance and Support allows you to remain in the "developer flow".

Response Time

If you're super focused on project work (per the section above), you can't drop everything the second a support request comes in from a client or you'll never get anything done. Odds are that an outsourced support department can respond to your clients much quicker than you can!

This allows you to continue on with rewarding project work, and be responsive to those development clients - while your client's support and maintenance issues are handled quickly in the background.

By the way, this ours is a white-label service. So we can even represent your organization directly with no client/brand confusion to the client!


Project Developers are not the same as Support Developers. If the past year has shown us anything it's that there is a distinct advantage in quality of work for dedicated Support Developers. They've run into the issues before in most cases! They aren't being taken away from project work as stated above, and because they can respond quicker, they have more time to work on any individual issue! All of these things allow for a better quality customer experience.


We have advanced, cutting edge tools designed to help make support work safer and more efficient!

For example, we have tools to do daily backups and deployments to sites hosted anywhere. Security is core to what we do, and and our tools allow us to perform security updates the same day they come out and provide quick remediation in case a site gets hacked. No longer do you have to copy backup and security updates from today's "to-do" list to tomorrow's!

Finally, this level of standardization allows for a much safer, consistent upgrade process. You can benefit from best-practices that you didn't have to develop in-house.


Developers are expensive. If you are a developer yourself or if you manage a team of developers, you want to focus in on the thing that is most profitable - that is likely to be project work.

Contact myDropWizard to discuss how we can help you outsource your Drupal Maintenance and Support!

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