by Elliot Christenson on January 6, 2021 - 9:48pm

You deserve a simple and easy-going 2021.

As you may already be aware, the Drupal Community is supporting Drupal 7 through November of 2022! This means your organization can remain free of most of the worst issues that could hit your website - as long as you do all of the updates. If you would rather not stress about such things: read on!

Your site was likely built by a Drupal professional who would have no technical issue with installing these updates. Is that professional even available? Perhaps that professional no longer works with Drupal - Drupal 7 is almost 13 years old!

Regardless of the issue, myDropWizard has you covered with our flexible plans. From our "The Essentials" Plan that provides same-day security updates and hacking protection to our "Continuous Innovation" Plan that allows us to work with your development team in any capacity that you need, myDropWizard can assist with all aspects of Drupal 7.

What's even better is that existing 2021 subscribers are able to lock-in their pricing before Drupal 7 Extended Support happens in November 2022! If you aren't aware of D7ES, this is the service that funds ongoing security updates once official community support is over.

Get Your Drupal 7 Automatically Site Automatically Secured for Years


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